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Supracor's revolutionary personal care products feature Stimulite® honeycomb. Stimulite's specially engineered cellular matrix works in a myriad of ways to relieve pressure, stimulate blood flow and promote cellular renewal.

You'll find Stimulite honeycomb in a range of products that benefit not only you, but your home and your pets. Biologically safe for living organisms and our planet, these technologically-advanced products are naturally antifungal, antibacterial and a breeze to care for.

Experience the extraordinary comfort of Stimulite and discover how our cells work for your cells®.

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SpaCell Facial Sponge Supracor  Pedi-Scrub SpaCell Gift Set 2pack
Spacell Pedi
Price: $16.95
SpaCell® Facial Sponge

Stimulite® Pedi-Scrub

Featuring a firmer black and softer green texture of Stimulite honeycomb
2 Pack of SpaCell® Facial Sponge
Available in Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Magenta, or Lavender
SpaCell Gift Set 3pack Bath Mitt Dual-Sided Bath Mitt
Bath Mitt
Price: $36.95
SpaCell® Facial Sponge Multi-Color 3 Pack (Gold, Blue ,Lavender)

Our luxurious bath mitt cleans, exfoliates and massages your skin Supracor’s new dual-textured Bath Mitt features a softer lavender and firmer green side
Body Scrubber
Body Scrubber
Price: $39.95
Supracor's Body Scrubbers